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Once Upon a Time...in the magical kingdom of Prom, a mother in Missouri tried to find a beautiful gown for her curvy teen-age daughter. No matter how long and hard they looked, they never found the perfect dress.

The daughter cried. That made her mother mad and sad. So she did what mother's do best. She waved a magic wand.

Abracadabra! A company catering just to plus size Prom dresses appeared. Now the daughter was happy. So were thousands more plus size teens. The kingdom crowned the mother "The Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Prom Gowns".

Prom girls with curves clamored for the drop-dead gorgeous dresses sold only online. They begged the Fairy Godmother to create a collection of plus size Prom dresses sold exclusively in fine boutiques, dress shops and bridal salons.

The girls wanted to try on the styles and ...

Available to Order: 90 dresses